Seahawks' Pete Carroll: Super Bowl loss will make team stronger

Seahawks' Pete Carroll says Monday that Super Bowl loss will make team stronger; fans not impressed

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll is likely in the same daze the rest of Seattle is in the morning after losing the Super Bowl in the final minutes of the game on a controversial play call. 

Carroll has been heavily criticized for not putting the ball in the hands of star running back Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch, but instead going to the air, which lead to a game-cinching New England Patriots interception.

"This is really hard to take now but in the long run it will make us stronger," Carroll tweeted from his verified Twitter account around 11 p.m. "Our guys are so strong and our future is bright. #GoHawks#12s." 

Fans are not impressed, and the comments responding to the tweet are pretty brutal.

Still, Carroll has taken responsibility for the call.

"We were going to run the ball to win the game — just not on that play," Carroll said. "This one didn't work out for us. In retrospect, we could have run it."

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