'Madden 15' correctly predicts Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl score

Electronic Arts' 'Madden 15' video game accurately predicts score of New England Patriots' Super Bowl win

Football video games have come a long way since Tecmo Bowl, but it's a little scary how realistic they're becoming at accurately replicating players.

The Madden series of football games, published by Electronic Arts through its EA Sports brand, has been the holy grail of football gamers for about two decades. EA Sports always conducts a simulation between the Super Bowl teams in the days ahead of the big game to provide fodder for the media and gamers.

This year, the newest incarnation of the game, "Madden 15," nailed it on its Super Bowl prediction.

The game accurately predicted that the New England Patriots would defeat the Seattle Seahawks, 28-24, and said the Pats would do it by rallying back from a 24-14 deficit, just like they did in the actual game.

Sure, the simulation didn't predict Jermaine Kearse's amazing late-game catch for Seattle, or Malcolm Butler's game-clinching interception for the Patriots, but it's still surprising how well some of these games have become at accurately mimicking players and teams.

Someone better call Elon Musk and ask him to donate more to stopping the rise of the machines.

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