Friday's UCLA (sound) bites from practice

Friday's UCLA (sound) bites from practice
UCLA linebacker Eric Kendricks participates in drills Aug. 4. Kendricks is healthy after suffering several injuries in 2013. (Christina House / For The Times)

Friday was technically the last day of training camp for UCLA, as the team will be gearing up for Virginia next week. The players are ready to be done, the coaches are ready to be done, and the media are ready to be done …

Anyway, next week we’re in game week, and that’s good for all of us.

Our other coverage Friday included a report on Kenny Young being ready for Virginia. Below are quotes that were good enough to be seen but didn't fit into our stories of the day.

Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich

On how much Pac-12 offenses affect design of the defense: “Enormously. I’d be [dumb] to just do what we do. That’s the deal with defenses, you have to adapt .… You can’t do a lot of NFL concepts, not only because of the offenses you’re facing, but the hashmarks, there’s just so many factors that make you adapt. But I feel like we’re getting closer.”

On redshirt senior linebacker Eric Kendricks: “I feel like he’s completely back, honestly. I feel like this is the best he’s looked since that spring when we got here, when his ankle wasn’t bothering him, his shoulder wasn’t bothering him. He’s had so many little nicks here and there, and that’s just a testament to how tough he is. He hasn’t missed very much time for a guy who has gone through what he’s gone through.”

Quarterbacks coach Taylor Mazzone

On coaching a left-handed quarterback in freshman Aaron Sharp: “The left side of my brain really doesn’t work that well, so I was trying to figure out how to take a three-step drop as a lefty. But it’s fun, it definitely makes my mind all-around work.”  

Freshman defensive lineman Jacob Tuioti-Mariner

On what he had to adjust to in the college game: “Uh, everything. Everything was different.”

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