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Rick, Jerry Neuheisel to take their competition to the golf course

UCLA quarterback Jerry Neuheisel is expecting a tough day on the golf course going up against his father

The Christmas break means one big thing to UCLA quarterback Jerry Neuheisel.

“I’ll have the annual golf match where my dad will kick my butt and show me there is one sport where he’s still better than me,” Neuheisel said.

Rick Neuheisel, former UCLA quarterback and coach, has an annual foursome with his sons, Jerry, Jack and Joe.

“My dad and Joe are the only ones who get to play all the time,” Jerry Neuheisel said. “So it ends up being Jack and I hanging out while those two go at it.”

As for competing against his eldest son, Rick Neuheisel said, “All I can tell you is drive for show, putt dough. If it were a home run hitting contest, the kid would clearly win. But you don’t get to hit the ball to right and left field. It’s all center field, and that’s where I take him, and I take him consistently.”

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