USC, Ohio State get into the 'Star Wars' fever with a little Twitter war

The world has caught the “Star Wars” fever once again with the next installment arriving in theaters today with some theaters already having shown early screenings Thursday night.

The excitement for “The Last Jedi” has grown so much that it has spread to the college football universe. USC and Ohio State showed that excitement with a little Twitter war between them.

USC took the first jab with a video of the fan-favorite droid BB-8 pushing away the Ohio State helmet, indicating that the droid is loyal to the Trojans with the iconic “Star Wars” theme music playing in the background.

However, the Buckeyes did respond with tweets of their own using the same droid and their mascot, Brutus Buckeye.

Whose Force is stronger? I guess we'll find out when USC and Ohio State meet in the Cotton Bowl on Dec. 29 in Arlington, Texas. This will be the eighth time both programs will meet in a bowl game and the first not at the Rose Bowl.

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