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Book review: 'The Good Muslim' by Tahmima Anam

Book review: 'The Good Muslim' by Tahmima Anam

The Good Muslim

A Novel

Tahmima Anam

Harper: 297 pp., $25.99

Maya Haque is one of the century's most interesting characters: prickly, passionate, tender, selfless, headstrong, devoted, belligerent, idealistic, naive, wise. "The Good Muslim" is Maya's story, rooted in her devotion to nation and family and particularly to her brother, the tormented Sohail Haque.

What is it about Bengali anthropologists? First we have feted novelist Amitav Ghosh from West Bengal and now Tahmima Anam from East Bengal. Both earned doctorates in anthropology before turning to literary fiction. Each draws distinctly from a multi-ethnic Bengali culture that has spawned epic...

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