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LAPD officers killed one resident of this Watts housing project. 12 hours later, they worked to save another's life

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'Love Is Strange' and profound with Lithgow, Molina paired

'Love Is Strange' and profound with Lithgow, Molina paired

The strangest thing about "Love Is Strange," with its perfect pairing of John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a long-committed couple finally able to legalize their relationship in a lovely New York City garden wedding, is how little it is about gay marriage.

The joining together of these men in holy matrimony is rather a rock tossed in a placid lake. Director Ira Sachs and his co-writer Mauricio Zacharias are far more interested in the ripple effect.

It is a very specific ripple — classically New York-centric from the rising skyline and the city streets to the harder realities of the real estate market. Home may be where the heart is, but co-op boards and...