John Dighton

Movie review: 'Went the Day Well?'

Movie review: 'Went the Day Well?'

"Went the Day Well?" is the innocent-sounding title of one of the most subversive films to come out of World War II, a British drama that was unsettling in its day and is even more so now.

Playing for a week at the New Beverly Cinema in a 35mm restoration, this 1942 drama, originally released in the heart of the conflict, takes an unnerving look at a head-spinning possibility: German soldiers masquerading as Britons taking over the bucolic English hamlet of Bramley End.

But what is disturbing about this story is not just the specter of clandestine invasion, which is scary enough, but it's also the brutality with which it all plays out. There is a pitiless quality...

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