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Has star power wattage dimmed in recent years?

Has star power wattage dimmed in recent years?

Does anyone care about stars anymore?

Well, probably if you're looking to win an Academy Award. But wait: The last time a film starring an A-lister won the best picture Oscar was 2013, when Ben Affleck directed himself in "Argo." (And no, Brad Pitt's fleeting performance in 2014's winner, “12 Years a Slave," does not count as a star vehicle.) Since then, we’ve seen “Spotlight” and “Moonlight,” both ensemble films, take home the prize.

OK, so maybe stars matter if you care about box office. But wait: 2017's box office titans really don't include starring roles for A-listers. Sure, there are the fly-by appearances like Robert Downey Jr. in "Spider Man:...

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