Nicholas Ray
Book review: 'X'ed Out' by Charles Burns
Book review: 'X'ed Out' by Charles Burns

"I try to control it … try to focus in on the good things … waking up with Sarah on a clear, beautiful day … walking with her through Chinatown, the sky impossibly bright and blue. Everything bright and clean and new … but my eyes always drift … I always look down." That's how the dream always goes for Doug, the main character of Charles Burns' new graphic novel, "X'ed Out." In a Burns comic, you just know things aren't going to go well from there.Fans of Burns, who haven't seen a major work out of him since 2004's "Black Hole," will be happy to know he's in fine form. In "X'ed Out," the first volume of a trilogy, Burns continues his personal mission of finding the limits of creepiness...