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TV picks: 'Tig,' 'Rectify,' 'Catastrophe'

TV picks: 'Tig,' 'Rectify,' 'Catastrophe'

“Tig”—Though a longtime notable on the stand-up comedy circuit, Tig Notaro became famous in 2012 after she gave a performance at Largo in Los Angeles in which she discussed an epic series of misfortunes: a month after Notaro contracted a life-threatening intestinal disease, her mother died; a month after that, Notaro was diagnosed with breast cancer. “Hi, how ya doin’? I have cancer,” is how she opened the show.

When Louis C.K. and others began tweeting about the deadpan, brutally honest show, it went viral, which put Notaro in the absurd position of being suddenly famous but possibly quite soon dead.

Mercifully, a double mastectomy followed by...

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