Government severely misjudged strength of Oroville emergency spillway, sparking a crisis

Sophia Myles

Horror thriller 'The Damned' an exercise in dumb moves

Horror thriller 'The Damned' an exercise in dumb moves

The horror thriller "The Damned" reconfirms one cardinal rule: When the grizzled proprietor of a crumbling inn in the middle of nowhere tells you that the joint is closed, take a hike.

Though that may seem like pretty basic advice, it conveniently escapes the obtuse quintet at the center of this crummy shocker.

Worse, when these ill-fated folks discover the inn's last guest checked in — and perhaps never checked out — in 1978, they still stick around. Now that makes them stupid and stubborn.

There's no one more so than the group's de facto leader, David (Peter Facinelli). He's a widower who has schlepped down to Colombia to bring back his vacationing...