Bottega Veneta
A look at the best department store perfumes
A look at the best department store perfumes

Most of us have a vague awareness that Mother's Day is coming up (Sunday, May 11). But will we shop in a timely fashion—or will we race to the mall on May 10? Just in case you're a planner, what follows is a guide to some of the best department store perfumes. (And if you tend to procrastinate, we suggest you save this in an easy- to -find place—for that last-minute spending spree.) Name: Bottega Veneta Distinguishing Characteristics: An incandescent 21st century floral with light lashings of leather (to remind us of their handbags) that envelops you like a sheer luxury veil. Why It Matters: Rather than go the ubiquitous fruity floral route of so many contemporary...