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Adam Rosales

June gloom: Dodgers' frustration level on the rise

June gloom: Dodgers' frustration level on the rise

Like most everyone else in baseball, the Dodgers think a lot of themselves. They expect to win and win a lot.

And when it doesn't happen, or happen as often as they expect, they can get highly frustrated. It's the middle of June, the halfway mark to the season still a long ways off, but right now the 37-29 Dodgers are irritated they are not winning more.

Ace Clayton Kershaw was particularly so after he and the Dodgers lost 5-3 to the Rangers on Wednesday night.

"This was probably the most frustrating game I ever pitched," Kershaw said.

Kershaw went six innings, striking out 10 and needing 107 pitches, allowing four runs (three earned) on five mostly...