Hull Returns to a Mostly Empty House in St. Louis

Associated Press

Brett Hull's return to St. Louis for the first time since signing a free-agent deal with the Dallas Stars came with about three-fourths of the Keil Center empty in an exhibition game against the Blues.

Hull, who didn't start, was greeted by a tepid mixture of boos and cheers when he made his debut on the second line.

Hull signed a three-year, $17.5 million deal with a no-trade clause with the Stars.


Pittsburgh Penguin defenseman Darius Kasparaitis underwent a series of tests, but still did not know his status after injuring his right knee in an exhibition game Sunday night at Detroit.

At the time, the Penguins said Kasparaitis might have torn his anterior cruciate ligament while tangled with the Red Wings' Darryl Laplante.

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