On a recent Saturday, around noon, at...

On a recent Saturday, around noon, at Michael Curto Ltd. hair salon on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood.

As he worked on the woman with unruly hair, stylist Robert Krumpak explained: "This is a comb, not a magic wand." Nevertheless, he is very popular with clients. Why do they like him so much? "Oh, honey," he replies, "they don't know any better."

Eileen Diltz has patronized the salon for 20 years. "I was young and naive when I started coming here," she says. "I still am." Diltz is the mother of eight. Why'd she do that to herself? "I was on a roll."

"We do everything as long as it's legal," says owner Michael Curto, putting the finishing touches on wheat-blond model/actress/dog trainer Kim Tannahill. "Someone told me all you need in this town is Michael Curto's hair color and Bettina Duncan's diamond hoops." She got those ... and an upcoming spot on "Days of Our Lives."

Manicurist Sarina Ytzhak sands the rough edges off client Ghodsi Farzinpour.

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