Kobe, still

Watching Sunday's Game 4, I found myself right next to the screen, in overtime, yelling at the full-screen head of an agonized Kobe Bryant:

"Pass the ball! It won't hurt!"

Phil, why do you let him do that?

Matt Aschkynazo

Santa Monica

In response to Bill Plaschke's May 12 article about Kobe being a ball hog in overtime, all I have to say is "Waaaaah, Bill!" Gimme a break! One day you make Kobe out to be king of the NBA and the next he is a selfish player who doesn't involve his teammates! Which one is it, Bill? Seems to me that you can't earn an MVP award without teammates, so lay off Kobe and let him do his thing.

Jonathan Braun

Los Angeles

With Andrew Bynum and Trevor Ariza both out longer than expected and getting second and third opinions on their injuries, the most glaring holes Mitch Kupchak needs to fill this off-season are on the Lakers' medical staff.

If these guys were around during Showtime, Magic would have been a goner.

Larry Yells

Hermosa Beach

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