A Mannywood ending?

Please, Mr. McCourt, do baseball a huge favor and at the same time restore credibility to our Dodgers. Fire Manny Ramirez now! Any championship won with Ramirez on your team will be tainted and meaningless to real Dodgers fans and especially the proud players of the Dodgers' glorious past.

We beg you, do not ruin the great Dodgers tradition built by unselfish honest players. There is no place for cheaters and people like Ramirez in the great Dodgers tradition. Please!

Tom Fessler

Huntington Beach

The time has come to stop the Manny-worship and face reality.

Yes, even without the juice he can still hit in the neighborhood of .300, although his power seems to have gone south, but two of his most recent statements have turned me off completely: "I've already proven I'm a great hitter, so anything I do now is gravy."

And, "So if we don't win this year, there's always next year."

Is this the kind of player you want on your team? Not me! What he did in the last couple of months last year was the "gravy," and what he'll do next year is anybody's guess.

Enough already! Let's change those signs to Andre-Ville, or Kemp-Town. Let's live in the present and future and forget about the past!

Joel Rapp

Los Angeles

Since it doesn't appear that Manny can hit without steroids and he's really dogging it in the field, the Dodgers should just cut him.

Juan Pierre plays hard every minute and is ultimately more productive.

Rod Hersberger

Santa Barbara

How ironic is it that now that Manny has been caught and is presumably off fertility drugs, he hits like a girl ?

Ron Roberts


The answer to whether or not Manny Ramirez was taking steroids is now loud and clear. All those warning-track fly balls he keeps hitting used to end up off the wall or over it. The Dodgers are paying a fraud. All they have now is an aging player who rarely hits, can't field and can't throw.

Geno Apicella


Dodgers opponents should start walking Ethier intentionally to get to Manny.

Lex Larsen

Henderson, Nev.

Has anyone noticed the striking similarities between Manny Ramirez and Pedro Cerrano from the movie "Major League"? Both can hit a fastball out of the park but can't hit a curveball if their life depended on it.

How many times is Manny going to strike out in a clutch situation? The Dodgers need all the offense they can get since the bullpen can't close the game.

Quick, someone rent "Major League" for Manny to find out how Cerrano was able to hit a curveball!

Noel Haro

Culver City


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