Harry Shearer becomes final ‘Simpsons’ main cast member to win Emmy

Harry Shearer earlier this month became the final main cast member of "The Simpsons" to win an Emmy.
(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

It only took 25 years, but finally all six main cast members of “The Simpsons” have Emmys for their work on the show after Harry Shearer won TV’s big award at the Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday.

Shearer won the outstanding character voice-over performance Emmy for performing multiple characters in the episode “Four Regrettings and a Funeral.” In that single episode, Shearer performed as news anchor Kent Brockman, the villainous Mr. Burns, a younger version of Mr. Burns, and Burns’ assistant, Smithers.

Shearer also has portrayed “Simpsons” characters Ned Flanders, Otto the bus driver, Reverend Lovejoy, police officer Eddie, Principal Skinner, Homer’s coworker Lenny, Dr. Hibbert, Dr. Marvin Monroe and God, in addition to many more characters over the show’s quarter-century on the air.


Shearer is currently in London starring in the play “Daytona.” According to Deadline, the actor was asleep in England when he won the award in Los Angeles.

It’s just the second time Shearer has been nominated for the voiceover award at the Emmys. His first nomination was in 2009.

Dan Castellanetta has won four Emmys for his voice work on the series, Julie Kavner won one in 1992, Yeardley Smith won one in 1992, Nancy Cartwright won one in 1992 and Hank Azaria has won three.

The animated hit’s 26th season begins this fall on Fox, and the FXX cable channel plans a 12-day marathon, starting Aug. 21, of all 552 episodes and the movie.

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