Watch this guy eat every Burger King burger in one sitting, and survive

Think you’ve got a monster appetite? Well, it probably doesn’t come close to what the “L.A. Beast” consumes in one sitting.

His name is Kevin Strahle, and he’s a competitive eater who likes to video himself performing insane eating challenges. A couple weeks ago he attempted to drink an entire gallon of hot sauce. You can guess how that one went.

In the video above, the beast takes the Burger King challenge. The fast food chain asked people on Instagram if they were king enough to eat all the different kinds of burgers on the menu.

The beast accepted, then drove to the nearest Burger King drive-thru to get the burgers. He also asked for a paper crown.


With the crown on his head and two bottles of Gatorade ready, he sat in his room and filmed himself eating a hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, double bacon cheeseburger, Junior Whopper, Whopper, Angry Whopper, Double Whopper, Triple Whopper with cheese and, instead of the new King Burger, which wasn’t available, another Whopper.

He consumed the 6,370 calories’ worth of burgers while wearing a shock collar, which his roommate shocked him with every time he either complained or did the robot dance.

Let’s just say he’s in serious pain by the end.

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