Wendy’s social media team hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ forum on Reddit

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If there’s anyone who deserves a pat on the back this year, it’s Wendy’s social media team. You might remember the clever bunch as the brains behind Wendy’s epic Twitter rap battle with Wingstop. (We know why the chicken crossed the road. But you crossed the boss and straight got told. We had some fun, but yeah we’re through. Gift wrapping this L to send home with you.) On December 14, the iconic “fresh, never frozen” team took to Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” board to take questions from the internet.

“You have the Son of the Baconator, you have the Classic Baconator, so when will we get the Father of the Baconator, or as I would like to call it, ‘The Bacon Daddy?’” 2Dark2fox asked, to which Wendy’s replied: “This is the type of comment that makes you glad your account is anonymous.”

“Why does McDonald’s ice cream machine never work?” Axiom019 asked.


“Same reason they serve round burgers, because they cut corners,” Wendy’s wrote back.

“So how do you guys really feel about your competitors Burger King, McDonald’s, and Arby’s?” Wunderbreadv2 asked.

“Obviously we think we are the best. Arby’s tweets sweet anime and video game stuff, so no hate there,” Wendy’s replied.

“Does the legal weed located Wendy’s locations outsell the non-legal?” Beef5030 asked.

“The legal team is in the room, so... no comment,” Wendy’s said.

“How was the Twitter team selected? Compared to other franchises’ on Twitter ya’ll have been on point on the roasting, entertainment, and just being funny,” ProAngeles asked.

“Our Twitter team has mostly been on the account for years. So not totally sure how we were chosen. Maybe because we are all so cute,” Wendy’s replied.


Myexguessesmyuser gave the team a well-deserved compliment. The user wrote: “From someone who sits in on and works with a lot of talented ad/marketing people, big props for doing something that stands out from everyone else. For what is fundamentally a creative role, there are so many boring ad/marketing people. The world is a happier place that you aren’t one of them!”

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