Bighorn sheep that escaped zoo and was hit by car dies

A bighorn sheep that escaped from the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday and was struck by a hit-and-run driver has died, officials said.

The adult female sheep escaped from an exhibit about noon and made its way over the hills of Griffith Park toward the Greek Theater, where it was struck by a vehicle, said April Spurlock, a zoo spokeswoman. 

Witnesses told park officials that they saw the driver continue driving after hitting the animal. 

Veterinarians at the scene tranquilized the animal, but it died before they could begin treating it, Spurlock said.


“We suspect it died after it was hit, but we’re not sure,” she said.

Spurlock said it’s unknown how the sheep was able to get out of the exhibit. She did not know the age of the animal or whether this is the first time a bighorn sheep has escaped from the zoo. 

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