Clippers' Glen Davis is getting it covered, from clothing to teammates

Clippers' Glen Davis is getting it covered, from clothing to teammates
Clippers power forward Glen Davis, left, battles Cleveland Cavaliers center Tyler Zeller for a rebound during a March 16 game. Davis says he's still in the process of getting to know his Clippers teammates. (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

Finally, the Clippers had two days off with no practice and no games and finally, Glen Davis had a chance to get his off-the-court life in order.

Davis had been a solid frontcourt player for the Clippers since he was signed as a free agent Feb. 24, backing up center DeAndre Jordan and forward Blake Griffin.


But with Tuesday and Wednesday off before the Clippers went back to practice Thursday and Friday, Davis said he went to visit his wife and daughter rather than stay in L.A. to get settled.

"I just got my clothes," Davis said.

So, Davis was asked, what have you been wearing, Clippers gear?

"I've been wearing nothing," Davis joked. "I just got some new drawers. I've literally had like four pairs of drawers since I've been here, washing them, wash, re-wash. So thank God for washing machines.

"It's been tough. It's been really brutal. But, hey, I realized that in L.A., you can wear anything. You walk around and you see guys in like five-star restaurants in cut-off jeans. Hey, it's cool. So I'm loving that type of lifestyle and I've been fitting in. So, I have no complaints."

Jokes aside, when the Clippers did practice Thursday and Friday in preparation for Saturday night's game against the Detroit Pistons at Staples Center, it was a big benefit for Davis.

"This was only my second practice," Davis said. "It's kind of tough to kind of be on the same accord, like with Chris [Paul] and being in the game with him. When DeAndre goes out early and I have to go in, I just haven't had a feel for the guys."

Davis said players usually learn how to play with their teammates during training camp.

He didn't have that luxury because he was just picked up about a month ago.

"I wasn't there for that," Davis said about the Clippers' training camp. "I'm not looking to get a real groove, as far as thinking without thinking kind of method, until the playoffs. So every day is a grind and just a way to get to know everybody."

Having played for Clippers Coach Doc Rivers when both won an NBA championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008, Davis is familiar enough with Los Angeles' offense.

Davis even knows the defense that Rivers likes to run.

For Davis, it's about learning how to play with his teammates better.

"It's just what guys want," Davis said. "What Chris Paul wants. How he wants it done. What Blake wants. How I should play with Blake, because he's usually playing with a guy who's above the rim all the time. So it's easy for him. I'm different. I'm a different player. I'm below the rim. I'm different from DeAndre. So it's learning that system and just knowing the guys on the floor."