Donald Trump says he is serious about buying the Buffalo Bills

When Donald Trump announced a couple of weeks ago he wanted to buy the Buffalo Bills, many dismissed it as a typical publicity ploy by The Donald. Not true, he says.

"I'm going to give it a heavy shot," Trump told the Buffalo News on Monday. "I would love to do it, and if I can do it, I'm keeping it in Buffalo. I live in New York, and it's easier for me to go to Buffalo than any other place."

Trump says the only thing that could get in his way is for someone to come in with an overpriced bid.

"I have a track record that's pretty much unparalleled," Trump said, "but that doesn't mean that I pay stupid prices.

"Somebody could come out and bid through the roof for the Bills, something crazy. In which case, I'm sorry I can't do anything about that. You have to be sane. But maybe there's not going to be any other bids. You never know with these things."

Forbes magazine estimates the Bills are worth $870 million, which makes them 30th among the 32 NFL teams in value. Only Jacksonville ($840 million) and Oakland ($825 million) are worth less.


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