Wife of 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh slams his $8 pleated pants

San Francisco Coach Jim Harbaugh sticks to a tried-and-true outfit -- a black sweatshirt tucked into pleated khakis.
(Wesley Hitt / Getty Images)

Jim Harbaugh has a flattering body.

That’s what his wife, Sarah, told KMVQ-FM (99.7) in San Francisco earlier this week.

We’ll just have to take her word for it because all the rest of us see on the sideline every week is the 49ers coach wearing a very unflattering outfit -- a black sweatshirt tucked into pleated khakis.

And not just any pleated khakis either.

“You have to find them at Wal-Mart,” Sarah Harbaugh said. “I threw them out and when he went to the combine, he found a Wal-Mart. They were $8 ... $8!”


(Harbaugh makes $5 million a year.)

The coach’s wife called in to the “Fernando & Greg” show to defend herself after a friend told her the hosts were holding her somewhat responsible for her husband’s fashion choices, particularly the outdated pants.

“I’ve thrown them away many times,” she said. “I’ve asked him, ‘Please. Pleats are gone, wear the flat front.

“He’s got a flattering body. The thing is he just doesn’t care. I’ve told him so many times that outfit reflects on me.”

Sarah Harbaugh refused to call her husband superstitious -- because he claims not to be -- but she said he also won’t buy a new car or make any changes “that could change other things.”

And for those 49ers fans who feel the same way and worry that a sudden wardrobe change might adversely affect their beloved team during Sunday’s NFC championship game against Seattle, Sarah Harbaugh said she agrees that now is not the time for something as drastic as new pants for the head coach.

But ...

“I said, ‘Next year will you please let me dress you or someone else dress you?’” she said. “He agreed to that.”



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Wife of 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh slams his $8 pleated pants