Patriots fans are unlikely to avoid this reminder of Super Bowl loss to Eagles near Gillette Stadium

It’s pretty safe to say that the New England Patriots and their fans haven’t forgotten what happened the last time the team played the Philadelphia Eagles.

That would be Super Bowl LII back in February, when quarterback Nick Foles and the Eagles upended the defending champion Patriots for a 41-33 victory.

But just in case anybody in New England was somehow able to force that game from their memories, an Eagles fan has arranged for this reminder to greet everybody on their way to Gillette Stadium on Thursday for the teams’ preseason rematch:


That’s an ad on an electronic billboard at the intersection of Route 1 and North Street, less than a mile from the stadium. According to a tweet by Jordan Spector, the man who did the artwork, it is “displayed on the only road to Gillette Stadium.”

Spector’s design appears to show images of Foles, who was on the receiving end of the Eagles’ “Philly Special” touchdown play, catching the Lombardi Trophy and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady getting sacked. Instead of their regular uniform numbers, the two players are depicted wearing the numbers 41 and 33 — a reference to the Super Bowl score — on their jerseys.

Gina Lewis, who described herself on Twitter as “an Eagles fan in New England,” financed the billboard with money raised on GoFundMe. The original goal of $5,000 to cover the billboard fee was reached in less than a month. The page is remaining active until Sept. 13 to raise funds to pay Spector for his work. After that, any remaining donations will go toward Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz’s AO1 Foundation.


The ad, which shares a revolving spot with five others on the electronic billboard, went up Monday and will remain on display for four weeks, according to the Boston Globe.

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