WWE superstar Charlotte Flair talks about her new book and traveling the world with Becky Lynch


WWE superstar and four-time Raw women’s champion Charlotte Flair has already had an eventful life, and she still has a long path in front of her. She recently sat down and answered a few questions about her new book “Second Nature” and life as a WWE superstar.

Q. I really enjoyed the book, especially the parts about NXT. What advice would you give to a woman or girl who wants to become a pro wrester?

A. First and foremost, go to school, go to college and get your education. Because I am living proof that it doesn’t really matter how old you are when you start. I started very late in the game and it hasn’t changed my path to success. Secondly, if it is something you are still passionate about after college, then get in contact with the WWE performance center and find out when their tryouts are. Go to a tryout and see what you need to work on. But when you do go, know it is more about showing off who you are as a person and your personality and are you coachable versus “Hey, I’ve got all these moves and I’m athletic!”


Q. You seem to have so much fun playing the evil queen, but right now, people are on your side. We are all waiting for the queen to return. Isn’t it better being a bad person?

A. I do miss the evil queen, but I think that my on-camera relationship with Becky is allowing the audience to see a softer side of the queen. For two years I was so intense and stern and always in the title picture. I think now the audience gets to take a breath of fresh air with me, so when I do turn into the evil queen again, they are ready for it. It’s a nice break right now for my character and for the audience.

Q. You devote part of your book to Dusty Rhodes. Can you tell us one thing about him that might surprise his longtime fans?

A. I feel as if Dusty was Dusty, on and off camera. The ultimate babyface. He loved his kids more than anything, and he was a family man.

Q. In the book you also talk about your late brother Reid. What would you want people to know about him and remember about him?

A. That he was the best little brother in the world.

Q. You, Sasha, Becky and Bayley seem to have a blast when you are in the ring together. Most people lose touch with those they go to school with, but here you guys are, worldwide stars together. Is that as much fun as it seems?


A. Yes! I think part of our success is because we don’t necessarily do this to be stars. We work together as superstars to change the game for women, so we never lose touch with why we are doing this. But I am traveling the world with my best friend in a car 90% of the time. Getting lost, getting in car accidents, eating at random places in the middle of the night. So, it is that great.

Q. If you could visit yourself in high school, what advice would you give your younger self.

A. Not to worry about fitting in as much. I struggled with that. I never felt comfortable in my own skin and I feel like I missed out on a lot of high school experiences because I was so worried about where I fit in because I was so confused.