‘Roger that!’: Tom Brady takes a jab at NFL Commissioner Goodell in post-Super Bowl commercial

Now we know what Tom Brady did with some of the time on his hands while serving his four-game, Deflategate-related suspension earlier this season.

He was filming a commercial that wouldn’t air unless the New England Patriots won a fifth Super Bowl. Months later, Brady and his teammates have done just that, and the ad made its debut Sunday night.

It features a subtle jab at the man who handed Brady that suspension — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The commercial for New England-based Shields Healthcare Group features Brady being asked to remove all jewelry before an appointment. Brady removes four Super Bowl rings from his fingers before remembering he has a fifth in his pocket.


“It’s kinda new,” Brady says in the commercial.

When a Shields employee comments, “We’re gonna need to get you a bigger locker,” Brady delivers a simple, but meaningful response:

“Roger that!”

A similar ad with a different ending has been running since October. That one also features Brady handing over the four rings. But when asked if that’s all, he replies, “For now.”

According to the Boston Globe, both versions of the ad were filmed in September.

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