Ronda Rousey: No Floyd Mayweather fight ‘unless we ended up dating’


Ronda Rousey is probably running out of ways to answer when she’s asked about a fight that’s never going to happen -- her vs. Floyd Mayweather.

In the past, the unbeaten UFC bantamweight champion has detailed what strategy she could use against the undefeated boxing great and has also explained that she doesn’t think it’s right for a man to hit a woman under any circumstance.

While promoting her new movie “Entourage” on Monday, Rousey was asked once again about how she might fare in a hypothetical fight against Mayweather. This time the MMA star responded with a joke that -- perhaps inadvertently -- made reference to an ugly part of Mayweather’s backstory.


“I don’t think that me and him would ever fight unless we ended up dating,” Rousey said.

Mayweather has pleaded guilty to domestic violence on two separate occasions, spending two months in prison one of those times, and was found guilty of battery in an another incident that involved two women. And there have been numerous other accusations.

Maybe Rousey was simply referring to regular lovers’ spats that are common to normal, healthy relationships. She does appear slightly uncomfortable while laughing off her comment, as if the deeper meaning of what she said might have just occurred to her.

Or maybe she was really trying to take a verbal swipe at Mayweather and take another stand on a serious subject.

But since this was a promotional interview, the topic was quickly changed. So we won’t find out what Rousey really meant with her comment ... at least maybe until the next time she’s asked about fighting Mayweather.