World Series: Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran sympathizes with Torii Hunter

BOSTON -- When the World Series opens Wednesday, the Fox cameras figure to focus on outfielder Carlos Beltran. His is the most emotional of all the story lines involving the St. Louis Cardinals, as he makes the first World Series appearance of his 16-year career.

Beltran said Tuesday that he sympathized with Torii Hunter, the Detroit Tigers outfielder denied what would have been the first World Series appearance of his 17-year career.

Hunter, 38, has lost in each of his three trips to the American League championship series – with the Tigers this year, with the Angels in 2009 and with the Minnesota Twins in 2002.

“He’s a guy that’s been in the league for a long time,” Beltran said. “To be so close and not be able to get to this point, I know how it feels. Next year, they’ll have another good ballclub in Detroit. Maybe next year he’ll have an opportunity.”


Beltran played 2,064 regular-season games before his first World Series appearance. The only active major leaguers to play in more games without a World Series trip: Hunter (2,091) and Miguel Tejada (2,171).

“This is the best thing ever for a ballplayer,” Beltran said. “You dream about it. You don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. It’s a big blessing from God.”


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