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Emmy chat: Time to talk 'Portlandia' with Fred Armisen on Wednesday

We wish the timing were a little better, so we could visit Fred Armisen in Portland, Ore., like this guy did, waiting way too long for a hipster to make our coffee and grilled cheese sandwich and driving around in a vintage Saab.

But, for the time being, Armisen is here in L.A., and so we'll just have to make due with the Los Angeles Times' office (our specialty: bread and water) where the "Portlandia" star will visit for a live video chat on Wednesday at 2 p.m. PDT.

We'll be talking all things "Portlandia," of course, which wrapped its fifth season earlier this year, still delivering consistently funny, weird and wonderful observations about the artisanally minded denizens of the PDX. The IFC series won six Emmy nominations last year, including nods for Armisen as an actor and, with the show's staff (including costar Carrie Brownstein), writer.

Armisen joined us last year, when the Silver Lake resident shared the grueling memory of going to a "Portlandia" promotional event in Runyon Canyon.


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Emmy chat: Join 'Veep's' Jonah, Timothy Simons, on Wednesday

As Jonah or Jonad or the guy people don't have the time to ignore or the man with the police sketch face of a rapist, Timothy Simons must endure all manner of devastating insults and putdowns on "Veep." And yet, our favorite man on Capitol Hill just keeps picking himself up off the mat and coming back for more. And that's why we love him. Or loathe him. It kind of depends on the moment.

Simons will be stopping by The Times on Wednesday at 11 a.m. PDT to talk about his work on "Veep" and why viewers connect so strongly with Jonah. There's also the matter of Patton Oswalt as the vice president’s chief of staff and the rather hands-on approach he took toward Jonah this season. Usually, seeing Oswalt in any form (movies, TV, stand-up) is a good thing. But after these intimate moments together, we're wondering if Simons would still agree.

So join us Wednesday. And if you have any questions you'd like to send Simons' way, tweet it to us using the hashtag #askLATimes.

Twitter: @glennwhipp

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Emmy Contenders: Constance Wu talks 'Fresh Off the Boat'

The art of comic timing? Constance Wu can deliver a master class. Thoughts on how to best serve the Asian American community? She's got you. The proper care and feeding of bunny rabbits? Wu could (and should) write a book.

The 33-year-old actress, who plays the zealous mom in the ABC comedy "Fresh Off the Boat," stopped by The Times recently to talk about all of the above and, of course, her work on the first-year show.

"She wants to fit in, but in her own way, just like her son wants to fit in," Wu says of her character. "And that's what I think is cool. It explores the different ways we all sort of are trying to find our tribe. That's a very specifically Asian American thing, but it's also a very human thing."

Wu offered thoughts about the scrutiny "Fresh Off the Boat" has received, as well as what she learned from spending time with the real-life woman on whom her character is based. And, yes, we learned a lot about rabbits.

"Some people have asked me if you weren't an actor, what would...

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Emmy Contenders: Tituss Burgess still likes his Pinot Noir, thank you

If you're not looking at a glass (or, if you're like us, a bottle) of Pinot Noir a bit differently these days, you somehow missed Tituss Burgess' viral video sensation from the Netflix comedy "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," a giddy minute that found more ways to rhyme with the word "noir" than we thought possible. And we're old enough to remember this guy.

Burgess stopped by The Times recently to talk about his breakout role on the show and the differences between "Kimmy Schmidt's" Titus (one S) and the actor himself (named after the apostle Paul's protege, with a bonus S), many of which can be gleaned simply by the absence of glitter anywhere on the outfit Burgess wore to the building.

We discussed how Burgess related to the career strivings of "Kimmy's" Titus and how auditioning for the part gave him some insight into what made the character tick. The "Peeno Noir" song was, of course, dissected, with Burgess admitting he initially thought it was a bad idea and how, in its aftermath, people...

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Gina Rodriguez staying grounded despite 'Jane's' success

The night she won the Golden Globe for her warm, funny and versatile work as the kindhearted title character in the CW comedy "Jane the Virgin," Gina Rodriguez brought her whole family — Mom and Dad, her two older sisters and their husbands — to the celebrity-filled InStyle after-party at the Beverly Hilton. They hung out for about an hour, people watching, but Rodriguez mostly sat with her parents while her sisters Iveliss and Rebecca tracked down Channing Tatum for a selfie.

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Once that mission was accomplished, Rodriguez and her parents headed back to her one-bedroom Santa Monica apartment, where the 30-year-old actress made up her couch ("Of course, my mom and dad get dibs on the bed") and conked out early. She had to be on set at 5 a.m. the next day.

"The reason I got the Golden Globe was because of my job, so I needed to make sure I wasn't a hot mess the next day," Rodriguez says. "Yes, they probably would have cut me a little slack, but I didn't want to disappoint."


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A look at the new Emmy rules and what they might change

Last year's Emmy season started off confusing ("Orange Is the New Black" is a comedy? Really?) and ended up wholly predictable, with no new winners in the drama and comedy series and acting categories, and "Modern Family" taking the comedy trophy for the fifth year running. And while television academy voters have never really been known for their impulsive choices (Again with the "ER"?), the rubber-stamping of the past seems at odds with the sheer volume of great choices available every year.

Put it another way: If we are indeed living in yet another Golden Age of television, shouldn't somebody besides Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jim Parsons win an Emmy?


The television academy's board of governors seems to think so, changing several rules in recent months that might make this year's Emmys a bit more interesting. "I think we'll know fairly quickly if these have an impact on the process," says television academy Chairman Bruce Rosenblum.

At the very least, the revisions...

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