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Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Revenant' is a brutal test for awards voters

Early press coverage of "The Revenant" has focused on the grueling experience director Alejandro G. Inarritu and star Leonardo DiCaprio had shooting their frontier epic.

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Spirit Awards: What movies received the biggest boosts?

Netflix's child-soldier war drama "Beasts of No Nation," nominated Tuesday for five Film Independent Spirit Awards -- picture, director, lead and supporting actor and cinematography -- has been a pet cause of many academy members since it debuted last month on the streaming service.

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'Martian' spacesuits had to look ready to survive space but be ready to survive lights, cameras, action

If you're going to make the most technologically advanced, realistic spacesuit costume in just eight weeks, it pays to go to the experts.

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Transgender 'Tangerine' star Mya Taylor is making the most of her moment

"Tangerine" star Mya Taylor adjusted her glasses, flipped her long hair off a shoulder and took in the cracked linoleum floor and the picture-heavy menu at Donut Time in Hollywood.

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Oscar Watch: The bell's about to ring for 'Creed'
Who will Golden Globes voters go for this year? Not necessarily the biggest stars

The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. has pivoted slightly in the last couple of years, with its choices for its annual Golden Globe Awards increasingly mirroring the critical mainstream rather than simply rewarding the biggest stars on the planet. Will that trend continue this year?

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