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'Moonlight,' 'Manchester' and 'La La Land' break fast out of the gate

A trio of acclaimed movies get off to a great start with the early critics groups. A look at which awards shows you should watch and which to ignore. And why we might be seeing lots of new faces among the Oscar nominees for direction and cinematography this year, including “Moonlight’s” Barry Jenkins.

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'La La Land' gets love from New York Film Critics Circle, Critics Choice voters

Two groups that fancy themselves as Oscar predictors weighed in Thursday with awards and nominations. And the results were … pretty predictable.

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Revealing real-life heroes’ flaws is important for films like 'Loving,' 'Snowden' and others

To Kieran Fitzgerald, co-writer of “Snowden,” one of the most humanizing moments in the Oliver Stone-directed movie comes when Edward Snowden is at his most broken.

Literally: In real life, as in the movie, Snowden broke both legs jumping out of a bunk bed in boot camp, which ultimately set him down a very different career path.

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''Moonlight' changed me,' says director Barry Jenkins of his emotional story of acceptance

On his way to the AMC Loews Lincoln Square on the day “Moonlight” opened in New York City, writer-director Barry Jenkins remembered thinking, “The AMC Lincoln Square? This movie?”

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Mykelti Williamson looks forward to a life of service, now that 'Fences' has made life perfect

Actors are often late for interviews, usually because they’re at other interviews. Mykelti (pronounced Michael-T) Williamson had a much more pressing reason. The 110 Freeway was closed while he was on it, because someone was threatening to jump off an overpass. Williamson was delayed in part because he offered to help the police talk the man down.

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'Manchester by the Sea' editor connects the puzzle pieces through the tears

On at least one occasion, the footage from “Manchester by the Sea” brought its film editor, Jennifer Lame, to tears. The drama follows the life of Boston janitor Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) who, when his brother dies, is named guardian of his teenage nephew Patrick (Lucas Hedges).

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