Fresh-squeezed orange juice, anyone? Customers may love it, but what a hassle, squeezing oranges on demand. Now a company, International Flavors & Fragrances, says it's discovered the key chemicals imparting that elusive, je ne sais quoi of fresh-squeezedness.

Generessence Orange, as the proprietary cocktail is dubbed, comes from a five-year analysis of the chemicals in orange juice, according to an article on the development at All companies have to do is add this precious cocktail to a beverage and — presto! Tastes fresh-squeezed. And not just orange juice. Carbonated beverages, water and tea are also candidates for fresh-squeezed flavor. (Fresh-squeezed tap water, anyone? Fresh-squeezed beer?)

Interesting food-science fact: More than 300 chemicals are responsible for orange flavor. However, if you don't have a mass spectrometer on hand but still fancy whipping up orange drink, it seems you can make a semblance of it with just a few ingredients from the grocery and drug store. Here's the recipe, at We make no guarantee as to taste.

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— Rosie Mestel