Dodger Stadium: What to eat, plus Dodger dog pizza and vegan nachos for Beyonce

From Dodger dogs to vegan nachos, what to eat at Dodger Stadium this season

If you're headed to Dodger Stadium this season (maybe you're one of the many Angelenos without Charter cable), there's plenty to eat between cheering for Andre Ethier and preparing for the Kiss Cam. And we're not just talking hot dogs and pizza, although nothing beats a Dodger dog, except maybe a Brooklyn dog. We'll get to that later. 

The point is, Dodger Stadium has upped its food and drink game, and there's variety. Jason Tingley, executive chef of Dodger Stadium, and part of the Chicago-based Levy Restaurants, the company behind all the food and drink operations at the stadium, is embracing the Frankenstein trend currently dominating the culinary world. He's also not banning the vegans. 

Instead of Cronuts, there's a bread cone stuffed with meatballs and marinara, or fries topped with more meatballs and marinara, both at the new Tommy Lasorda's restaurant, which opened last season. 

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In honor of Los Angeles firefighters, there's a hot dog topped with two kinds of fiery cheese, Fire Hot Cheetos and jalapenos. But Tingley says he's working on something bigger.

Imagine a 16" pizza with a Dodger dog crust. Yes, the chef is currently developing it. Tingley also envisions people finishing the pizza, then taking the leftover Dodger Dog crust up to the concession stand area to top it with condiments for a two-for-one meal. He doesn't have an exact release date for this pizza-hot-dog hybrid, but says it's coming soon. 

If you're still hungry, Tingley is paying tribute to the city's street food scene with La Taqueria's carne asada fries (on the field and reserve levels) and elote, grilled corn on a stick slathered with cheese and a mixture of seasonings. 

Also, if newly vegan Beyonce heads to the stadium, she won't go hungry. She can eat a Dodgers helmet full of nachos just like the rest of us, but request to have hers topped with Follow Your Heart vegan cheese. 

There's a lot to choose from, but if you grew up spending summer nights at this stadium, you know there's nothing better than a hot dog. It's just a matter of snap, or no snap. The Brooklyn has snap, the Dodger doesn't. It's your call, just make sure you've got mustard on that dog, not ketchup. 

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