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This is what extreme pizza delivery looks like

Pizza delivery seems like a standard-enough task. You drive to a residence, ring the door bell and hand over a pizza. But a mystery delivery man is taking the job to an entirely new level. 

(Warning: The video linked to below includes some expletives.)

In a recent video posted on YouTube, a man films a pizza delivery guy through his window. The delivery guy signals to a man on the third floor of an apartment building, then reaches in his car to take out a pizza box. 

Instead of walking to a door to go up, he takes the pizza box and hurls it up in the air. The man in the window catches the box like he's expecting it. And the sport of extreme pizza delivery is born. 

The man in the window disappears momentarily, then returns and drops something from the window. We're guessing it's money. 

Maybe this little exchange is a routine for the two men. And was that pizza completely squished to one side of the box when it was opened upstairs? We've reached out to the video poster for comment.   

Who knows? Maybe pizza throwing could be the next Olympic sport. 

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