What we ate: Bacon-wrapped dogs, grape soft-serve ice cream and much more

Any week that ends in a margarita - in this case, a single glass for salty and sweet versions - is a good week. But then throw in bacon-wrapped dogs and it's time to shout about things.

The Food staff enjoyed and enjoyed and enjoyed the week in food. Noelle Carter served bacon-wrapped hot dogs topped with beer-glazed onions at a USC football party. For those, who wouldn't give up all allegiances?


Rene Lynch made a tough decision very easy. "Can't decide between strawberry or traditional frozen margaritas? Make both. Then mix them. And put salt AND sugar on the rim."

Meanwhile, Betty Hallock, who brought us news of a second (and third) Sweet Rose Creamery. The newest on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica will be the most experimental. "Still thinking about the kyoho grape soft serve at the new Sweet Rose Creamery...." she writes.
Perhaps the most evocative image posted is S. Irene Virbilla's home cooking: carrots braising in passion fruit juice in a copper pot. Really gorgeous.

Jenn Harris, who last week experienced the Ramen Burger, enjoyed the spicy sausage spread 'nduja from the great little downtown Italian restaurant Maccheroni Republic. It was served with sliced and olive oil-doused country bread.

Finally, I made homemade pop tarts from a recipe that ran a few years ago in the Food section. Was rolling out buttery dough the best idea on a warm Saturday? Maybe not. But they turned out great -- the result of relentless testing. On the left with the glaze are blueberry filled, on the right are Nutella filled.
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