Kiss me, I'm Irish: 17 recipes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Everyone is an honorary Irishman (and Irishwoman) on St. Patrick's Day.

That alone is reason enough to celebrate with the wearing of the green.

But what would St. Patrick's Day be without a plateful of corned beef and cabbage, served alongside some freshly baked soda bread slathered with plenty of butter? And polished off with, say, a bread pudding served with a rich whiskey-caramel sauce?

RECIPES: 17 St. Patrick's Day recipes

We rounded up 17 recipes from the archives of the L.A. Times' Test Kitchen that would be perfect to serve to friends and family this St. Patrick's Day.

You'll notice that some -- like nachos with chili queso -- might not strike you as St. Patrick's Day fare. But take a closer look: That queso is spiked with beer, and that makes it St. Patrick's Day worthy in our book!

What are you serving up this St. Patrick's Day?


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