Video: Tiny hamster is back eating tiny birthday cake

Tiny hamster that ate a tiny burrito is back eating tiny birthday cake

What's better than a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos? Nothing, if you're one of the more than 7 million people who watched the video of a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos earlier this year on YouTube. 

But Hello Denizen, the YouTube channel that produced the video, is back with a new video, above, featuring more tiny animals eating tiny foods. 

In the video, a tiny hedgehog has a birthday party with two tiny hamster guests. A frenzied woman with what looks like cake batter smudged on her cheek frets in the kitchen while she bakes, frosts and decorates a tiny cake. It's a layer cake with pink frosting and a red birthday candle. 

The party is complete with a tiny piñata, tiny birthday hats and tiny presents, tied with tweezers. And once again, poker chips serve as tableware. 

The small animals each devour a slice of cake. The party seems to be going pretty well, until the hedgehog decides to go a little nuts. He knocks over its cake, signaling the end of the tiniest birthday party ever. 

Hello Denizen is looking for more video ideas, so if you've been dreaming of your own tiny animal video, let them know. Maybe they'll make your dreams come true. We're not judging.

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