13 underground supper clubs in the L.A. area

Here are some other underground dining clubs in the Southern California area. Visit the websites to learn more.

Amalur Project: "A culinary think tank creating dining concepts and collaborations that define and preserve gastronomy, agriculture and science." http://www.amalurproject.com

Amy's Culinary Adventures: "A wandering intimate 'bootleg restaurant' featuring multi-course tasting menus." http://www.amysculinaryadventures.com

Andy Windak: "By dinner I mean a dinner party: emphasis on the party." andywindak.com

Supper clubs: In the April 5 Saturday section, a list of underground supper clubs accompanying an article about one such club said Chicks With Knives was vegetarian. It is not.

Barbershop Ristorante: Walter El Nagar pops up at Farmer's Kitchen in Hollywood. http://www.barbershop-ristorante.com

BRK Dining: "A thoughtful multi-course degustation which will dazzle your palate and stimulate your mind." brkdining.com

Chicks With Knives: Vegetarian. http://www.chickswithknives.com

Kali Dining: "Served on a communal table in a casual environment where you will be encouraged to interact with other guests." http://www.kalidining.com

Room Forty: "We'll set the tables in an unorthodox location, pull out the culinary stops, and celebrate great food, wine, and community." http://www.roomforty.com

Taste of Pace: "Take the local seasonal bounties and create new and exciting dishes that expand my boundaries as a chef and artist while perfecting different techniques." tasteofpace.com

Truffl: "A private members' club for individuals who appreciate the art of living well." http://www.truffl.com

Whaling Club: "An extensive menu featuring adaptations of classics as well as signature cocktails, using seasonal ingredients and hand cut ice." http://www.thewhalingclub.com.

Wolvesmouth: You may have read about it in the New Yorker. wolvesmouth.com

Xian Wei: "Our ultimate goal is to elevate regional Chinese food … by displaying the authentic delicacies in a refined and delicate fine dining experience." http://www.xian-wei.com


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