The final day of the Democratic National Convention is over:

In her acceptance speech Hillary Clinton says the nation is facing a "moment of reckoning" but "we are not afraid."

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• This week's speakers have largely sought to contrast a message of optimism with what they've called the dark, divisive vision of America offered by Donald Trump and the Republicans.

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Who is this Ohio congressman getting a prime speaking slot?

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio (Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call)
Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio (Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call)

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio earned a strong speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention, and will use his address to accuse Donald Trump of "stabbing workers in the back for years."

He represents a critical region in an important swing state, and has been a vocal campaigner for Hillary Clinton since her first presidential campaign in 2008. 

According to excerpts released by Clinton's campaign, Ryan will mock Trump's promise to bring jobs back to the Midwest. 

"Hey, Ohio – don’t buy it! This guy cut deals to make the Trump line of products in China, Mexico, Bangladesh! Not Youngstown, not Akron, not Niles," Ryan will say, naming areas in his congressional district. 

"If he really cared about our jobs, he would have hired some of our people."

Earlier this year, there were some rumors that Ryan was under consideration to be Clinton's running mate. 

Ryan was first elected in 2002. He serves on the Appropriations Committee and is looked at as ambitious and potentially a statewide candidate in a future election. His strongly Democratic district is rarely competitive, so he often spends campaign years helping fellow Democrats up and down Ohio.

In 2012, not long after publishing a book on mindfulness, Ryan was busy campaigning for President Obama's re-election in the Buckeye State.

I profiled him for Mindful magazine that year. I also wrote this piece when he published a second book about healthy eating and how food policy at the national level is a critical issue.

The congressman started the Quiet Caucus and regularly does yoga and meditation with colleagues on Capitol Hill. 

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