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Essential California: Trump's talks with Democrats may finally end the 'Dreamers' stalemate

Essential California: Trump's talks with Democrats may finally end the 'Dreamers' stalemate
President Trump meets with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders at the White House last week. (Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It's Friday, Sept. 15, and here's what's happening across California:



DACA deal-making?

A nearly two-decade stalemate over the legal status of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants moved closer than ever to resolution Thursday as a president eager for tangible victories proved willing to get one by abandoning a position dear to many of his supporters. The tentative agreement, worked out over dinner Wednesday night between President Trump and the top two Democrats in Congress, could give legal status to nearly 800,000 so-called Dreamers, people who came to the country illegally as children. Los Angeles Times

And in San Francisco ...

In recent days, President Trump has gone into deal-maker mode with congressional Democrats. As reporter Mark Z. Barabak writes, in nearly two dozen random interviews with Rep. Nancy Pelosi's constituents — an admittedly nonscientific survey — not one person objected to Pelosi and fellow Democrats cutting deals with the president. Trump admirers (yes, they exist in San Francisco), Trump haters, supporters of Pelosi and critics of the Democratic leader were unanimous. "If Democrats can work with him to accomplish something, they should," said Marie Mansi, a cheery 80-year-old who retired years ago as a legal secretary. Los Angeles Times

Sheriff's deputy arrested

A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting two inmates inside a county jail facility. Sheriff Jim McDonnell said Thursday that Deputy Giancarlo Scotti, 31, was arrested at 6 p.m. Wednesday on suspicion of two counts of rape and two counts of oral copulation under color of authority. Los Angeles Times


Shock and awe: Charges against L.A. Unified school board President Ref Rodriguez have stunned the education world here. Charter school advocates, in particular, had ambitious plans for the future, and they had the leadership of Rodriguez, a figure in the national education reform movement. Los Angeles Times

Plus: The Los Angeles Unified School District will pour $151 million into a group of 50 schools to settle a lawsuit over how the school system spends money intended for some of its neediest students. Los Angeles Times

State of emergency: Anaheim this week declared a state of emergency, clearing the way for the removal of hundreds of people living in a landscape dotted with trash and used hypodermic needles and lacking toilet facilities. Los Angeles Times

Pot shop prep: Los Angeles took another step Thursday to prepare for the legal selling of recreational marijuana, hammering out proposed rules on where pot shops and other cannabis companies can operate. Los Angeles Times

Video: The story behind Silver Lake's world-famous chandelier tree. Curbed Los Angeles


News you can use: Relations between the United States and Mexico have been strained since the inauguration of President Trump, who has threatened to dismantle the North American Free Trade Agreement, vowed to make Mexico pay for a border wall and — during his campaign — called Mexican immigrants rapists. But Mexico has not given up hope that relations can improve, said its foreign secretary, Luis Videgaray. Los Angeles Times


Sheriff Joe alert: On Thursday, former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who last month received a presidential pardon from Trump, said he supports the president on whatever he chooses to do on the Obama administration program that shields from deportation nearly 800,000 young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Los Angeles Times


Berkeley speech: Hundreds of protesters were at UC Berkeley on Thursday evening as conservative writer Ben Shapiro spoke on campus, with law enforcement out in force to prevent a repeat of recent violent clashes between far-left and far-right agitators. Nine people were arrested, four of them for carrying banned weapons. One was held on suspicion of battery on a police officer. Los Angeles Times

Mark your calendars: A veritable who's who of far-right rock stars such as Pamela Geller, Mike Cernovich and Erik Prince are slated to join Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter and former White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon at UC Berkeley this month for "Free Speech Week," event organizers say. Los Angeles Times

Plus: More than 200 UC Berkeley instructors and faculty members are calling for a shutdown of classes and activities when those conservative speakers visit campus this month. Los Angeles Times

Questions for the candidates: Three of the top Democratic candidates running for California governor in 2018 gathered with business leaders Thursday to discuss how they would boost the state's economy. The Mercury News

Scary stuff: A greater share of people live in poverty in California than in any other state, according to a measure used by the U.S. Census Bureau that takes into account the cost of living and government assistance programs. KQED



Three kids killed: Three children, one a baby, were killed inside a Sacramento apartment by their father after an altercation with his wife, authorities said Thursday. Los Angeles Times

Statue defaced: The towering statue of St. Junipero Serra had stood at the foot of a staircase leading into the Old Mission Santa Barbara for years. This week, however, workers were forced to remove the statue after someone poured red paint over the sculpture and cut off its head. Los Angeles Times

Award reduced: A Los Angeles judge has trimmed $5 million from a $17.4-million jury award given to a former Bureau of Sanitation worker in a retaliation and sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the city. Los Angeles Times


Dam in trouble: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has determined that the earthen Whittier Narrows Dam is unsafe and could trigger catastrophic flooding in working-class cities along the San Gabriel River flood plain downstream between Pico Rivera and Long Beach. Los Angeles Times


Tech talk: Apple's and Amazon's headquarters have been in the news this week, and architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne sees a common desire to take more than they give to a city. "Amazon has essentially guaranteed that it will be taking hefty tax breaks with one hand while it makes a show of committing to a lucky American metropolis with the other. Apple for its part has had an exceptionally willing partner in Cupertino." Los Angeles Times

Look back: L.A. Chicano life, as seen through the vibrant lens of the old La Raza newspaper. New York Times

Flashback Friday: On Jan. 4, 2006, USC and Texas played for college football's national championship at the Rose Bowl in what is considered one of the greatest games in the sport's history. In a four-part series this week, reporter Zach Helfand has explored a variety of topics related to that epic game. Los Angeles Times

A wow performance: For two hours and 40 minutes Tuesday night, Yo-Yo Ma played all six of Bach's solo cello suites straight though, with just a 10-minute pause in the middle. Los Angeles Times

Highbrow horror: The new movie "mother!" shows that one of Hollywood's most reliable genres — the horror film — is getting more complex, sophisticated and psychological. Wall Street Journal

Smart idea: A proposed state law would end the practice of giving out tickets to people who begin crossing the street while the countdown timer is counting down. Curbed LA

Get ready: California is becoming a hot spot for marijuana e-commerce and delivery services. The Cannabist


Los Angeles area: Partly cloudy, 76, Friday. Partly cloudy, 77, Saturday. San Diego: Partly cloudy, 72, Friday and Saturday. San Francisco area: Sunny, 69, Friday. Partly cloudy, 70, Saturday. Sacramento: Sunny, 86, Friday. Partly cloudy, 87, Saturday. More weather is here.


Today's California memory comes from JD Beckett:

"In 1956, as a teen riding in cars with boys, we were tooling around the Hollywood Hills and ended up way out on Mulholland Drive. We saw a limousine ahead, and curious, we sped up and there turning around to look at us was Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. We could see Frank motion to the driver to lose us. He pulled down a shade, and off they flew! We tried to keep up. The road turned into a dirt trail, and they were nowhere to be seen again. I'm sure they pulled off and watched us go by — but what a thrill."

If you have a memory or story about the Golden State, share it with us. Send us an email to let us know what you love or fondly remember about our state. (Please keep your story to 100 words.)

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