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Blowback: Sexism in The Times' Sports section

I read, with interest, Bill Plaschke's Jan. 24 column "Girl Scout's project provides hope through hoops," especially as it fits into the Sports section's coverage, or lack thereof, of women's sports.

Maybe more than just interest.

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Blowback: This time, county supervisors are serious about ending homelessness

The Times' Robert Greene has asked why we should expect the current effort by the city and county of Los Angeles to combat homelessness to succeed when past attempts have failed.

Mental illness continues to be the major factor contributing to the homelessness problem.

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Blowback: Why overregulating the 'gig economy' would hurt L.A.

The gig economy is perfect for a place like Los Angeles, capital of the entertainment industry. Even before smartphones and companies like Uber and Lyft made finding temporary work simple, people who followed their dreams to L.A. have taken the short-term jobs necessary to make ends meet while they go out for an audition or are in between productions.

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Blowback: Why Palestinians think what they do about Israel

The Israeli-Palestinian debate has seen its share of politicians making spurious, racist claims to further an agenda. But when academics do the same and use the cover of shoddy social science, it is particularly pernicious.

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Drug warriors are still crying 'reefer madness.' The facts don't support them

In their op-ed article against cannabis legalization, former drug czar William J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn yearn for a time when fear-mongering, not facts, drove the marijuana policy debate in America. Those days are over.

Bennett and Leibsohn blame the "marijuana lobby" for re-shaping the way Americans think about what they consider to be a truly dangerous drug.

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Why Kamala Harris needed to stand up to murderous antigay initiative

California Atty. Gen. Kamala D.

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