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Insurers denied Mexico 'cat bond' payouts after Hurricane Odile due to my data. The system is broken

I was standing in a hotel lobby in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, one night in September 2014. Suddenly the windows exploded — like a bomb going off — and the walls and ceiling started to blow away. Diving under the reception desk, my legs bloody from flying glass, I kept my camera rolling and recorded the incredible onslaught of Hurricane Odile.

Welcome to my world.

I chase hurricanes.

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Where bad arguments against Scientology's tax exemption go to die: courts of law

In a Nov. 16 Los Angeles Times op-ed article, Daily Beast correspondent James Kirchick asks, “In the world of religious tax exemptions, does Scientology measure up?” The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

I was the Church of Scientology’s primary tax counsel in its successful efforts to obtain federal tax exemption, a status it fully and fairly earned and continues to merit.

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The maturity of Spain's democracy is on display in Catalonia

Having read the Oct. 31 editorial, “Spain's ham-handed attempts to intimidate Catalonia are feeding a political crisis,” I cannot help being shocked by The Times Editorial Board’s lack of objectivity and disrespect for a country that does not need to prove it is a democracy under the rule of law.

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The myths used to needlessly delay the Cadiz water project, debunked

California is world-renowned for its protection of natural resources, and its environmental laws are America’s strongest — far more stringent than their federal equivalents. In fact, the rigor of California’s environmental process has caused many high-profile projects to seek legislative exemptions from state review.

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A major boost for 5G networks and public safety in California

During a response to a public safety incident or a disaster like a flood, fire or earthquake, emergency communications are vital for response and recovery. In saving lives and protecting property, minutes and seconds are critical. Teams working together must be able to communicate instantaneously.

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How a rigid fair-use standard would harm free speech and fundamentally undermine the Internet

Fair use is copyright law’s safety valve, protecting our ability to make social, political and cultural commentary and criticism. It is a societal asset we could not culturally live without, and its adaptability is its strength. If a documentary filmmaker wants to discuss portrayals of gay people in popular media in the 1990s, fair use would allow them to present film and television clips.

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