Cardinals outfielder Carlos Beltran says that Yasiel Puig's display of emotion shows that he "doesn't know how to act" and that "you've got to act with a little more calm."

Why do stodgy baseball players frown at shows of passion and emotion? Unlike those "cool" faceless ballplayers who play mainly for the money, a guy like Puig projects his boyhood joy in playing the game he loves. How can you not love that?

Robert Lehrer



Earlier this year I had a letter published in which I compared Carl Crawford with 1982 Dodger Don Stanhouse, a free agent who was paid a lot to stink. I'd like to admit I was wrong.

Carl Crawford has been worth every cent the Dodgers have paid him and without him I don't think we would be listening to Vin Scully on the radio while turning the TV sound down.

Craig Schwarz



Nothing against DJ Severe (Oct. 16), but when did "fan experience" become fan torture?

Wednesday we arrived early to beat the traffic. Happy to be in the ballpark and not at work, I was expecting to spend a sleepy hour unwinding, taking in the pre-playoff scenery.

But about 12:30 the monster speaker in center field came to life. It reached out, grabbed me, and hammered, hammered, hammered all the way up to game time, and then all through the game! So loud, it was like being trapped in a nightclub. Conversation? Forget it. What ever happened to the Dodger Stadium atmosphere I fell in love with as a kid?

Dodgers, even if you subscribe to the notion (I don't) that fans want or need to be "amped," please, for the sake of comfort, tone it down.

Anthony Moretti



Q: How can you tell an "old school" Dodgers fan?

A: He watches young fans wearing Cardinal-red caps with Dodgers logos and he ... doesn't get it.

Bob Ginn