Memories of 1973 Sugar Bowl remain sweet and sour

It still bothers Stock that he let his coach down.

"Coach Bryant was a class act," Stock said. "Man, you just did not want to lose for this guy. He was already a legend in his own time. The sense of losing was just not in your mind."

Stock returned to Elkhart to live with 24-23 for the remainder of his life. He started a business in town that he still runs, though he now splits his time between Indiana and Florida.

He still gets razzed on an almost weekly basis by Notre Dame friends and agitators.

The next season, in the Orange Bowl, Alabama lost a 13-11 heartbreaker to Notre Dame. It marked Parseghian's last game after 11 seasons.

The Irish lead the all-time series against Alabama, 5-1.

Stock can't wait for Monday night.

"It would really be nice to have some redemption this year," he said. "I don't want to go back to my golf course and listen for umpteen years about this game."

Weber, in the meantime, happily basks in what he says was a "once in a lifetime" experience.

"It's fun to be a trivia question," he said. "It's been great in business, once people find out about it. It has been a tremendous plus in my life."

Weber has often thought about the consequences of dropping the pass. That would have changed his life in a dramatically different way.

"But I also know I'm the kind of guy who would have taken advantage," he said. "I'd probably be in my 38th year as governor of Alabama."