It's not a great day for good teams in college football

Several teams are no longer undefeated, scrambling the BCS standings picture. Notre Dame shows it is relevant again, and USC upsets Oregon, by losing to Arizona.

It was a rotten day to be undefeated, or USC, or the BCS standings, which suddenly got indigestion.

It was great to be Kansas State, Kent State, Ohio State, Florida State, Michigan State, Boise State, McNeese State — but not New Mexico State or Mississippi State.

It was not a load of malarkey to be Notre Dame or a Pac 12 quarterback named Matt (Scott, though, not Barkley).

"Folks, let me say this loud and clear," ABC's official national-title organizer Brent Musburger said. "Notre Dame is relevant again."

Come on, now, everyone knows Notre Dame never loses to Oklahoma in Norman.

Oh yeah, No. 5 Notre Dame (8-0) is relevant again after Saturday night's 30-13 win over Oklahoma.

The Irish just about pitched a perfect game, finishing with no turnovers and only one penalty.

Notre Dame now stands 9-1 against Oklahoma, the Sooners' lone win coming back in days of Eisenhower and bomb shelters.

Lenn Robbins of the New York Post noted during the game on Twitter that you knew it was going to be Notre Dame's night because the field judge was named McGinn, the umpire was Feeney, the head linesman was McGrath and the field judge was Gallagher.

Saturday was the day a season started to teeter-totter tip from one side to another, a day where dreams were promoted, deferred or disparaged.

Remember the 11 teams that started the weekend undefeated?

Well, there aren't as many now.

It's one thing, though, for Alabama to take down fraudulent Mississippi State, which somehow sneaked to 7-0 and No. 11 in the BCS by playing the cream-puff section at your local bakery.

Alabama ate up Mississippi State like an elephant eats a peanut.

It also understandable Florida could lose, 17-9, to Georgia. How Florida got to No. 2 in the BCS with that offense needs to be investigated.

Of course, it wasn't as if Georgia looked like the Green Bay Packers. The Bulldogs won despite 14 penalties and a quarterback, Aaron Murray, who tossed three passes for interceptions.

To put Florida's offense in perspective: This was a Georgia team that allowed 44 points to Tennessee, which dropped to 0-5 in the SEC with Saturday's loss to South Carolina.

Florida could have clinched the SEC East. Instead, the Gators seeded the road for Georgia, which now has the clearest path to a possible title-game showdown against No. 1 Alabama.

But how do you explain Ohio, which broke into the BCS last week at No. 24, losing to Miami of Oh-who-o?

And what about Rutgers, which had everyone in Piscataway excited again only to see the Scarlet Knights commit seven turnovers in a home loss to Kent State.