Boys' basketball: Chino Hills feuding comes into the open

Eric Sondheimer
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Since a basketball tournament in Las Vegas in December, there was a feud between Chino Hills Coach Stephan Gilling and LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball. And it affected players and the team, Gilling confirmed on Thursday.

"That's where it started," Gilling said.

USA Today has a story documenting the disagreement from Gilling's point of view.

Ball was yelling for players to do one thing and Gilling was telling them to do another. Communication broke down between the two and hasn't been repaired. Ball criticized Gilling in a radio interview, prompting Gilling to respond.

Whether communication can be re-established before next season, when LaMelo will be a junior, remains to be seen.

"Of course I want to say yes but no because that's the person he is," Gilling said. "Hopefully things get better."

Gilling finished his first year as coach after taking over for Steve Baik, who went 35-0. Chino Hills finished 30-3.

"To put the blame on Steph is not right," Baik said. "I'm surprised at the way the relationship ended. They were close. You can't put the blame on one person or one thing. I love the community and all the kids and what we built was something special."

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