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Boys' basketball: Lots of teams in Division 6 are rooting for Price this season

Eric Sondheimer
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Every time Price plays a basketball game during the regular season, expect teams in Southern Section Division 6 to be rooting very hard.

They want Price to be so good that it gets selected for the Open Division. Otherwise, there's no way any team in Division 6 is going to beat Price.

Because Price hasn't won a Southern Section championship in the last three years and its enrollment is down to 64 students, the Knights dropped from 4A to 6.

The team should be very good. James Washington, a guard, signed with American University. LaRond Williams, a 6-foot-10 transfer from St. Anthony, signed with Long Beach State. Roderick Williams, a 6-6 forward who led the team in scoring and rebounding last season, also returns. Christian Little is a promising point guard.

Coach Michael Lynch has put together a challenging freelance schedule that includes games against Inglewood and Lawndale and playing in the Maranatha tournament.





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