Lincoln High Tigers show how to get pumped up for football practice

Eric Sondheimer
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Sometimes you need to just get out of the office after 3 p.m. and drop by your neighborhood high school football field to take a moment to see and hear the sights and sounds that make this a special time of the year.

And so on Tuesday afternoon, I stopped by Lincoln High near downtown Los Angeles and watched a group of determined, dedicated players get pumped up for their practice.

The sky was clear, the grass was thick and green and the black helmets worn by the players were polished, shiny and fastened tight as they roared, "Go Tigers."

"Who's house?"

"Our house."

"Who's house?"

"Our house."

"What time is it?"

"Game time."

Everyone is so enthused, because everyone is unbeaten. But there's something unique in watching a group of high school classmates try to come together as friends and teammates.

Yes, it's a yearly ritual, but it doesn't get old for people who love football.

Lincoln players were running up and down steps on a campus that opened in 1878.

The alumni would be excited to hear them yelling in unison, "Go Tigers."




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