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Three-sport athlete is alive in St. Bonaventure's Darius Vines

Eric Sondheimer
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In the city of Ventura, there's a special athlete named Darius Vines.

Only a junior, he was first-team all-league in football playing receiver for St. Bonaventure High (he's really a quarterback). In basketball, he was first-team all-league. And, this spring, he's the starting shortstop for the baseball team, where he went four for seven hitting in his last two games.

He's 6 feet 1, fast, athletic and a team leader.

"Darius is tremendous," football Coach Adam Guerra said.

Guerra was giving a lecture when he used Vines' effort at blocking as a receiver as an example of what "all coaches should want."

Finally this fall Vines will be taking over as the starting quarterback from Ricky Town (now at USC). When Town was injured, Vines more than capably filled in.

The fact he's still playing three sports tells a lot about his character and commitment.

Some college program one day is going to be thrilled to get him, probably in football.




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