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Administrator4: Oscar is here and will start answering your questions now.

maromero: Oscar, how do you feel coming into this fight Saturday---you previous fights have gone sour.

Oscar De La Hoya: I feel better than ever, knowing these are my last three fights. I've prepared myself to giove it my all.

javier urquiza: Will you fight Miguel Cotto or Antonio Margarito after you beat Floyd Mayweather?

Oscar De La Hoya: Well, after Stevie Forbes and Mayweather, the plan is to fight the best. If that's Antonio or Miguel Cotto, then that's who it'll be.

APA: If you win this Saturday against Steve Forbes what weight will you fight at in your anticipated rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Oscar De La Hoya: The fight will be at 149, give or take one pound.

Luis from Roosevelt HS: Hello and congratulations on being one of the most respected and successful Hispanic (Mexican) role models from the East LA Community. That being said; Have you considered running for some type of political office once your boxing days have passed?

Oscar De La Hoya: Well, I would never count it out.

vretz2121: Oscar can we expect to see you on your toes and pumping out your jab for your last three fights? ( YOu let Floyd jr. off the hook when you quit jabbing)

Oscar De La Hoya: I'll do anything to help the community where I grew up.

steve: Why did you choose Forbes and not a better know fighter for your tune-up fight?

APA: Where was your training done for this fight? How does it feel working with Floyd Sr. again?

Oscar De La Hoya: You hit my game plan right on the button. I've been working on moving on my toes and throwing my combinations with lightning speed. It's unbelievable the difference a few less pounds make.

Oscar De La Hoya: Well, Stevie Forbes has that similar style of a Mayweather. And second, Stevie Forbes is a tough customer. He's going to make me fight. He'll be in front of me all night.

Administrator4: Keep asking questions. Oscar is answering as fast as he can......

Oscar De La Hoya: Puerto Rico. I was going to go up to Big Bear, but I decided since I'm fighting three times this year that meant being away from the family for 7 months. The last two fights I'll do in Big Bear. Mayweather Sr. and I have a perfect relationship. Like a hand and a glove. We're the perfect team. It gives me so much confidence. Look at the fights we've done. We've been winners. The two losses, I was in great shape against Bernard Hopkins, I was in the fight, and the second Mosley fight, a lot of people said was a weird decision. He keeps me in shape when he's in my corner.

OC Fan: Oscar you being from LA, who do you go for? UCLA or USC

Oscar De La Hoya: I'm a USC fan. My little boy Jacob is the biggest USC fan, so I can't go against him.

steve: Oscar, why take the Forbes fight prior to the Mayweather fight? Don't you think a better known opponent would prepare you better for the September rematch by motivating you and your team to train harder?

Oscar De La Hoya: I would have to disagree, because of the style Forbes brings to the table. It's similar to Mayweather, and the motivation is there with Mayweather Sr. I'm definitely ready for this.

ftballpimp77: Will you have Floyd Sr. in your corner against Mayweather this time?

Oscar De La Hoya: Absolutely, Mayweather Sr. has that secret potion to dissect the Mayweather style. Mayweather Sr. created that style, he made it, so working with him on the Forbes fight, I already feel confident I'll beat Mayweather Jr.

richard: Do u want a rematch with Trinadad ? Everybody including me who watchted that fight knows you won that fight !!

Oscar De La Hoya: If he can come down and meet me at a reasonable weight, I'll be more than happy to fight him again.

gracekelly: are you excited about fighting in an outdoor arena

Oscar De La Hoya: I'm excited to be in front of my hometown fans, and especially excited about fighting in a soccer-specific stadium like the Home Depot Center. Yes!

john: where was your training? And how long did you prepare for this fight?

Oscar De La Hoya: Puerto Rico. I trained since January.

RJToronto: Oscar, do you have any tips to share with us about how to maintain intense focus in the face of innumerable distractions? Your professional career has been a testimony to your ability to stay focused ...

Oscar De La Hoya: Keep your eye on the big picture. And never give up.

Richbwoy: Oscar, ever think about taking up MMA?

Oscar De La Hoya: But I'm thinking about promoting it.

Garfield Alum: You continue to give back to the community. What is your next project that you are working on?

Oscar De La Hoya: After my fight, I will be making a huge announcement on a big donation to the White Memorial Hospital in East LA.

joe: Are you planning to go back into acting? I liked you work.

Oscar De La Hoya: Thank you very much, I'm flattered...

Jesse: do u think u will ever fight vargas again

Oscar De La Hoya: Maybe in another life....No, absolutely not. He's retired, happy, enjoying his family, and unfortunately, there won't be a second fight.

Oscar De La Hoya: Thank you, everyone, for joining me in this chat. I look forward to seeing all of you Saturday at the Home Depot Center for my "Homecoming" fight against Steve Forbes.

Administrator4: Sorry everyone, but that's all the time Oscar has. We will have him back as soon as his schedule allows........

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